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We know how good it feels to have fresh, clean carpets. Don’t you wish your carpets could look and feel that way all the time? We’d like to introduce you to our STAY GORGEOUS PROGRAM!

How does it work?

You have your carpets cleaned and pay as usual. You will then have the option to join our Stay Gorgeous Program. For only 10% of the cost of your initial cleaning per month, we will return to your home in 6 months to re-clean all the open areas (where most dirt and debris is collected) and again in 12 months for a full cleaning, exactly the same as your initial cleaning. You’ll basically get TWO cleanings a year for the price of ONE! You can cancel at any time, for any reason.

If your carpet is brand new and you want to keep it looking that way, you can get started right away, no initial cleaning required.


  • On January 3rd we clean the carpets in John’s home at a charge of $230.00, Which is paid the day of the cleaning.
  • John then pays $23 a month for the next 12 months via automatic payment from his credit card or checking account.
  • In June we return to clean the high traffic areas and spot clean the home at no additional charge.
  • In January we return to clean the entire home again at no additional charge.
  • John is having his home cleaned every 6 months without ever writing a check. He is never embarrassed by ugly spots or spills, and best of all his friends think his carpet is always beautiful, because it is!


By joining our Stay Gorgeous Program you not only have great looking carpets but save money also. We provide one 6 month open area cleaning as well as your regular annual cleaning.

You never have to write a check again; the monthly installment is automatically debited for you. The payment is low and easy on your budget

We all have busy lives. Maintaining your carpet is probably one of the last things on your priority list until it becomes an issue. By joining our Stay Gorgeous Program we can schedule it 6 months and one year in advance, or we contact you to arrange the best time for cleaning as the dates approach. Our goal is to make your life easier and your carpet maintenance program as easy as possible.

If you wish to have extra services, you will get special discounted price on those services.


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