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Painting Services

From a touch up painting to even out the color of your walls to a completely new color, we got you covered!

Residential Painting

Painting Before Moving

Drywall Repair

At One Stop, we know that our homes are our number one investment. Therefore, a fresh coat of paint is not only a color to cover the wall, it represents you!

One Stop specializes in:

  • Rental Homes
  • Getting your home on the market
  • Selling your home

One Stop Painting Process

1. Pre-service Walkthrough with Homeowner or Assignee

Prior to the start of your project, your project manager will meet onsite to confirm the scope of work listed within the specifications matches your expectations and adjust for any last-minute decisions/changes.

2. Process Explanation

The project manager will explain from start to finish what to expect during the project and when to approximately expect it.

3. Down Payment

Down Payment – if applicable, any down payments owed will be due.

4. Materials & Supplies

After receiving all payments and/or down payments, your project manager will order all necessary materials and supplies and scheduled them to be delivered.  Receipts to be kept on file.

5. Internal Pre-service Walkthrough

Prior to the start of your project, your project manager will meet onsite with the team to go over the project and assure home is ready to begin.  For example, making sure all windows and doors are closed and setting the HVAC system to the correct level.

6. Service Process
  • Remove stickers, nails, screws, shelves, doors, curtain rods, window shades and/or blinds
  • Remove outlet covers, fixtures, and place in labeled boxes.
  • Scrape all areas of peeling paint
  • Patch and/ or putty all areas
  • Turn off HVAC
  • Sand patched and/ or puttied areas, rough edges, and feather sand where needed.
  • Putty if needed again and let dry
    1. Internal Quality Control Walkthrough (assure all areas are properly protected prior to painting)
  • Sand re-puttied areas and where needed
  • Clean up dust (vacuum, wipe down floors, backboards, sills et…)
  • Kilz water stains (if applicable)
  • Paint ceilings (if applicable)
  • Spray trim
  • Caulk (if applicable)
  • Cut in then prime walls
  • Final walls coating
  • Internal Quality Control Walkthrough
  • Touch up paint (if applicable)

The Homeowner/Assignee is to complete a walkthrough with the project manager using a punch list with the painting team on site in order to address any items needing attention

8. Finishing up
  • Painters complete remaining items on punch list.
  • Remove tape, drapes, and protective covers and re-install any outlet covers and fixtures.
9. Final Professional Cleaning

One Stop’s Famous Full Home Deep Cleaning

10. 100 % Project Completion Walkthrough.

After the project manager determines the project is complete, a final walk through will be performed with the Homeowner to approve workmanship and verify project completion to the Homeowner’s satisfaction.

How Can We Help?

Every assigned team member has been trained to provide the highest customer service and WOW our potential clients. 

CHOOSING COLORS. Buy paint samples and paint throughout the room to see how the light affects your color choice(s) at different times of day.

Use color swatch samples from any paint or home improvement store.

Use Sherwin William’s room color visualizer tool: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/visualizer

COLOR MATCHING. Color matching is not an exact science. Therefore, it may not be 100% accurate & cannot be guaranteed. If more coats are required to meet the Homeowners expectations due to any color not matching, the Homeowner is responsible for additional costs.

COLOR CONSULTATION. Not sure where to start from? Struggeling with matte, satin and gloss? We will be happy to help you throughout this process and find the best possible match for your interior or exterior painting needs.

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