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 Carpet cleaning might look like a simple job that anyone can do, but this is a job best left for the professionals. Every carpet, down to its fibers, has its own cleaning requirements and has unique interactions with stains and cleaning solutions. For example, wool and a polyester carpet are worlds apart from each other and require different pre-treatment and cleaning methods. 

Regular carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain the beautiful appearance of your carpets. We highly recommend carpet cleaning twice a year (using the best method suited to your carpeting). Regular carpet cleaning saves money in the long run, since carpets last longer, and need replacing less often.

 Just as regular carpet cleaning is important to maintain the quality of your carpet, it is just as important to use the correct carpet cleaning machine and tools. One Stop Cleaning LLC. uses a powerful  TRUCKMOUNTED, hot water, steam cleaning extraction process. All of our technicians are IICRC certified in carpets. For homes where there is access from the driveway or road, it is important to use a truck-mounted unit, for apartments, condos or upper level units it is even more important to use the right mobile steam cleaning machines.

Carpet drying times vary depending on the type of carpet , weather, air flow and relative humidity. When using the high-powered, truck-mounted hot water steam extraction carpet cleaning units, drying time is between 4-6 hours.

 Please see our SPECIALS and call us to save time and money. We will revive your carpets.

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