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5 Reasons to Choose One Stop Carpet Care & Specialty Cleaning

  1. Family Owned & Localy Operated
  2. Highly Rated online in Williamsburg, VA & Hampton Roads, VA, over 1000 combined reviews.
  3. Reliable & Efficient team members.
  4. Convenient appointments to fit your schedule-including Saturdays!
  5. Google Guaranteed!


Carpet Cleaning &

Odor Removal

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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpet looking their best with our Carpet Cleaning Services.

If you’r dealing with ugly traffic areas, color stains, spills, pet stains, and odors or your carpets are in need of a touch-up cleaning we have you covered.

One Stop offers differet carpet cleaning packages to fit everyones budget.

Our Carpet Cleaning Packages are:

  • Deep Sanitize – it is our basic Carpet Cleaning Package, ideal for areas with less trafic, such as bedrooms.
  • Pet Premium – great for homes with pets, that need extra attention
  • Ultimate – our golden package that is prefered by most home owners. Great for high traffic areas!

Multi-Step Cleaning Process

  • Pre – Inspection

Our technician will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet. He will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.​

  • Preparationg

Our technician(s) will carefully prepare your home or work place for cleaning. We will place covers over vulnerable furnishings, such as corner guards to protect the corners of your home, as well as foam runner, to protext your floors, such as hardwood or tile floors, from carpet cleaning chemicals or simply from getting them wet. 

  • Pre-Spraying

Pre-spraying is used to break down heavy soiling, grease and staining before cleaning. 

  • Agitation

A professional carpet rotary brush is used to loosen the soil.

  • Rinse & Extract

The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed using a truck-mounted powerful extraction cleaning system to give you that deep clean without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.

  • Post Inspection

Our technician will ask you to do a walk-through of your home to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service.

***Basic Cleaning may not include certain steps.

Carpet Cleaning methods

At One Stop Cleaning, we offer 2 differen cleaning methods: Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction, known as Steam Clean, and Low Moisture Cleaning, known as Encapsulation.

Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction is also known as Steam Cleaning. This is one of the most popular and proven methods for deep carpet cleaning. After preparation, our techs will use a special cleaning solutions combined with agitation to break up the soil from the carpet.  Then we will use water to rinse and remove the soil  and dirt, leaving no soapy or sticky residue behind.  At the end a powerfull truck-mounthed water extraction is done.

Regular drying time is 4 to 6 hours, depending on air circulation, temperature, and humidity. 

Low Moisture Cleaning

The Low Moisture is also known as Encapsulation Cleaning. After a thorough vacuum, we use a light and safe pre-spray, known as Encapsulation, combined with heavy Brush Pro Agitation to release the soil that have bonded with the carpet.  The soil is encapsulated (crystallized) during the process and removed with a final vacuum. 

The drying time is typically less than one hour and regular traffic can be resumed almost imediately, since there no water is used.

What Method is the best for my home?

The answer is simple “There is no Best carpet cleaning method” that suits all types of carpets and/or rugs and that it is universal. Each method has its own pros and cons.

  • Hot water extraction is an excellent choice for those with allergies and sensitive sinuses since the steam kills bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, etc.  However, the carpeting may not be ready for foot traffic and may take several hours to fully dry. Light traffic without shoes is OK.
  • Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning is preferred for offices and busy buildings with a lot of traffic (like apartment complexes hallways) who cannot wait for a carpet to dry. However, a proper ventilation is needed and all the heavy soils will not be fully removed.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At One Stop, we take care of the commercial business owners throughout the Greater Williamsburg and Hampton Roads, VA area with our commercial cleaning services.

We know how important it is for you, your clients and employess to be in a clean and well maintaint work place. 

Our techs can clean high traffic and stained areas of your carpet as well as rugs, upholstery in lobby and seating areas, tile in your restroom and breakrooms; and many more!

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning will:

  • Extend the life of your carpets and reduce replacement costs.
  • Minimize disruption with after-hours and weekend carpet cleaning.
  • Keep heavy-traffic areas clean with regularly scheduled carpet cleaning.
  • Remove contaminants and dust mites in carpet, which can worsen allergies.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Plan Ahead Your Carpet Care Project

Proactive carpet care prevents unsightly stains, moisture damage, mold spread, and more. Request your commercial carpet care proposal from now. 

Industries we service:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Gyms and Recreation Centers
  • Commercial Buildings & Facilities
  • Office(s) and Office Buildings
  • Restaurants, Cafeterias, etc
  • Religious Facilities
  • Retail Centers
  • HOAs, Apartments & Condos

Rug Washing

Multi-Step Cleaning Process


Our technician will measure, inspect, tag your rug(s).


Our techs will identify and record potential permanent stains, discoloration, or damages. They will give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.​

Rug Dusting

As dust and soil builds up on your rug, it quickly begins the process of settling down into the base of the rug, through the pile fibers. A rug duster provides a technician with the ability to remove almost all loose pieces of dirt or dust from the rug prior to beginning the washing.

Spot Treatment

Our techs will pre treat stains, spills, spots or flush out and neutralize urine stains.

Deep Clean

Your area rug will get soaked and washed. We will use a powerful rotary machine to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Rinse & Extract

The rug is then thoroughly rinsed using a hot water vacuum and powerful water extraction.

Drying Process

Once thoroughly rinsed, the area rug gets dried through our rug spinner. The rug centrifuge is used for extracting over 90% of the water from wet rugs after only 90 seconds.

Depending on the type of area rug, we will hang up the rug to dry on our drying rug platform, or lay the rug flat, face-up on our drying rug platform to allow proper air circulation.

Rug Grooming

The grooming is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush to move carpet fiber back and forth. Our grooming process resets the fiber nap back to its original state and it speeds the dry time.

Final Inspection

Before our technician wrap and prepare your rug(s) for delivery or pick up, they will inspect your rug(s) to ensure it is fully dried.


Why Choose One Stop?

At One Stop we know that Rug Washing is just as important as regular Carpet Cleaning. Bacterias, allergens, pet dander, etc. are tracked through your home every day.

Your area rugs are a special part of your room design and as such they deserve special care. With a little regular maintenance your area rugs can provide years of enjoyment.

How do we wash area rugs?

At One Stop Cleaning LLC. we utilize different cleaning processes for each and every rug. We know that there are limitations to any cleaning process and that not all rugs can be cleaned exactly the same way.

Rug Drying Spinner

Our Rug Centrifuge Will Solve These Problems:

  1. Browning of rugs (due to slow drying)
  2. Fringe Grooming (due to dirty water dripping from rug down to the fringes)
  3. Smelly rugs (due to urine and dirt left in rug and slow drying)
  4. Higher humidity in your drying room (due to water dripping from rugs)
  5. Dye running (due to fugitive dyes and pets urine)
  6. Slow turn around in your rug cleaning (due to longer wait for bringing the rugs down)

Drying Spinner

Our rug centrifuge will dramatically decrease the drying time of your fine rugs. It spins at 1400 PRMs, and within seconds, 90% of the water in your rug will be gone. This will allow us to deliver your rugs faster.

In the state of Virginia, there are just few rug spinners, and One Stop has one of them ready to serve you!

Area Rug Padding

It is a great idea to add some new padding for freshly washed rug! Usually, old padding is discarded once a rug is washed, since padding is typically not washed in any way and has a tendency to absorb and hold any spills or odors. Replacing your old padding with a clean, fresh section of new padding will eliminate the risk of contaminating your newly cleaned rug with old odors or trapped stains.

Benefits of adding a padding:

  • Adds Extra Cushioning – The cushioning provided by the padding makes it softer, more comfortable surface to walk, sit or lay on.
  • Helps Prevent Slips And Falls – a rug with no padding is susceptible to sliding or bunching. The padding will help to hold the rug in place, which will prevent the edges of the rug from sliding or bunching up.
  • Creates A Protective Barrier – if there is a spill on the rug, the padding will help to prevent the spill to seep through the area rug and damage the surface beneath the rug.
  • More Effective Maintenance Padding under the area rug will provide some spacing between the base of the rug and the floor which will help with airflow during the vacuuming process. This added airflow helps the vacuum work much more efficiently, which helps to remove as much debris as possible. The less debris at the base of the rug, the longer the fibers will last.

***Ask any of our team members about our padding and they would be happy to provide more information!

As with every one of our jobs, your complete satisfaction is our first priority. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with any of our cleaning services, and on the rare chance that we miss a spot, we’ll come back and clean it at no additional charge to you.

About US

One Stop Cleaning LLC. is a family owned and locally operated business, proudly serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

Our goal is to provide quality work to everyone. Our team doesn’t believe in ”average”, we always strive to go ”above and beyond” for every single client.

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